January 2015

Agile Sciences Receives $1.5M Phase II SBIR Grant News release.

July 2014

Agile Sciences Receives $1.5M Phase II STTR Grant News release.

April 2014

Agile Sciences announces issuance of two additional US patents. News release.

August 2013

Agile Sciences adds two members to Company's Board of Directors. News release.

February 2013

A fourth US Patent is issued on Agile Sciences' technology. News release.

February 2013

Agile Sciences receives $300,000 grant to evaluate technology for treating infective endocarditis. News release.

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Agile Sciences founders John Cavanagh and Christian Melander analyze the results of anti-biofilm screening tests.

The co-founders of Agile Sciences have developed compounds that can disperse colonies of bacteria called biofilms. These compounds have applications in the areas of medicine, agriculture, and industry.

Biofilms that form in the human body are up to ten thousand times more resistant to antibiotics and immune systems than free-floating bacteria, making them very difficult to treat medically. In agriculture, every year billions of dollars of crops are lost due to the formation of biofilms. Industrial needs for effective biofilm dispersion include surface coatings and cleansing products.

Agile Sciences' technology addresses problems associated with biofilm formation through the use of proprietary non-toxic organic compounds.